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LLumar Window tint blocks the sun’s UV rays from your car, truck, SUV or van during the hot summer months in Coeur d’Alene, ID. The Parker Toyota accessory department offers professional installation of LLumar Window Tint. Our friendly staff and Coeur d’Alene’s best showroom will make your window tint installation a truly exceptional experience.

Window tinting offers many benefits for your vehicle and its occupants. It also allows for a custom look on your vehicle.

To schedule an appointment for window tint installation at our Coeur d’Alene Service Center call us at (208) 765-8228 or schedule online.

The Benefits of Our Window Tint – LLumar Films

  • Blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays – known leading cause of wrinkles, age spots and cancer
  • The LLumar Window Film will protect the fading and cracking of your vehicle’s interior caused by the suns rays
  • Protects occumant from flying glass in some side impact accidents
  • Reduces glare and eye strain
  • Provides privacy for your belongings
  • Provides comfort by keeping your vehicle cooler
  • Reduces air conditioner usage, which can improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon output

LLumar Vision Series Window Tint

– Provides good protection against the sun’s heat and glare
– 99% Ultraviolet protection
– Color stable charcoal color to match factory window tint, never turns purple or bubbles
– Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
– No electronic signal interference
– Offered in light, medium and dark shades

LLumar Performance Series Window Tint

– Provides MAXIMUM heat rejection for a more comfortable ride and increased fuel economy
– 99% Ultraviolet protection
– Clear film technology option provides all the benefits without the look of traditional tint
– Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
– No electronic signal interference
– Offered in light, medium, dark and CLEAR shades
– Window Tint Pricing

Tint front two windows to match rears – $165.00 | $225.00

Tint all windows on vehicle – $400.00 | $500.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get my window tint installed?

A: Typically, a window tint takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. We ask to please drop your vehicle off with a scheduled appointment.

Q: Is window tinting illegal/how dark can I tint my windows?

A: Window tint is not illegal. In the state of Idaho you can have window tint as dark as 35%.

Q: What kind of experience do your window tint installers have?

A: Our installer, Justin Ford, has over 9 years of experience of installing window tint as well as many other accessory installations. He has even recently been involved in creating training videos for our window tint supply company.

Made in Martinsville, VA, LLumar is the world’s largest manufacturer of window film/window tint. All LLumar window tint is durable, scratch resistant and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Stop by Parker Toyota if you are looking for window tint in Coeur d’Alene!

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